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Zhi Neng Qi Gong

Qi ("Chi") means means “air” or the vital energy that inhabits all living things. Gong ("Kung") means study or discipline of various exercises or techniques. Together then, Qi Gong ("Chi Kung") means the study of energy.
Qi Gong is a set of precise physical and mental exercises performed with a relaxed body and spirit focusing on a meditative state of mind. While both concentrating and meditating on one’s vital energy, Qi passes through the organs of the body as well as the various meridians as defined in acupuncture. The student learns also to connect with the cosmic energy of the universe. With regular practice, the student learns to feel and then direct this vital energy.

Qi Gong exercise is ancient at least 5000 years old and is an integral part of the heritage of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Practicing Qi Gong regularly improves both mental and physical health, strengthens the body generally and improves the immune system. The first goal is health and long life. The base exercises are easy to learn for people of all ages. Qi Gong can be done in various positions, either standing, seated or lying down. All forms focus on the internal organs as well as the breath. Different massage techniques permit the student to keep their youthful looks, be in better health and live longer.

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